Conditions of use


1: Installation must be done by a qualified technician and checked for safety after installation. Including but not limited to checking clearances for safety.

2: NOT DOT APPROVED ( not for street use). Why ???Everybody asks why it isn't D.O.T approved. Here are some of the reasons that I can think of:

a: You need to cut off your fender struts b: You need to weld on new fender struts c: You need to set up the rear spring alignment d: You need to fabricate, drill and weld on your frame....

Therefore is will be " YOUR" responsibility to ensure that it is safe. Lots of the products that we sell are not D.O.T. approved. This does not mean that they are not safe, just not D.O.T approved.

3: Yes the exhaust will need to be tweaked / twisted to clear.

4: Drive-Line and wheel tracking setup should be done by a qualified / certified Mechanic.

5: Welding, cutting and fabrication work is required.

6: 1991 - 1994 kits require sprocket spacer # CS060727 & seal # CS091196.

7: Requires the use of a 2000 > 2003 rear wheel pulley.

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Serious injury, death, and property damage can result from the improper use, control, alteration, or maintenance of motorcycles. The dealer and dealers’ customers must exercise good judgment in the use, control, alteration, part selection and installation, and maintenance, of motorcycles. wideTireSportster or any Affiliates of have no control over the judgment of others and assumes no responsibility or liability of any nature for the failure of others to use good judgment.